Join us on a visit to “Oz Farm”

It was like somewhere over the rainbow…And it is for Sale… What a fantastically, whimsical place near the Mendocino Coast just north of Point Arena California. This 200 plus acre farm nestled in the Garcia River basin bordered with redwood forest is an amazing find with all its organic crops. Apple, pears and an assortment of different veggies.

Drying rooms, chicken coops, working windmills, and an  “espaliered” apple orchard (trained on trellises in rows much like grapes in vineyards). The rustic cabins are a great place to organize a retreat for people who want a peaceful, quiet getaway and weddings too. We loved this place and Boodog got to swim in the Garcia River and hang out with us.

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Our lastest outing was to Blackhawk in Danville CA. to film our best friend’s video on haircutting and hairdressing. What a weekend, thanks to Tribez Salon for hosting the shoot. Our friend, Jeffrey Tuffin, not only dazzeled us with his expertise in hair but was also quite entertaining. The models were great and the staff was superb at assisting us and Jeffrey with the shoot.


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