A little bit of Spring

If you like wine and you’ve never been to Hopland, California, you might want to check out the beautiful countryside with it’s rolling hills, mountains and rivers that sculpt, paint, and texturize the views that surround you. On an amazing road trip that we took this spring, we stopped at Saracina Ranch because of the “Trees of fire”- at least that’s what we called them. From the highway, out of the corner of my eye, I could see what seemed to be trees on fire but it was just the brilliant colors of the branches of willow trees. I’ve learned that in fall when the tree drops its leaves the bare branches turn an illuminated color of orange that looks like fire… it is truly captivating. So we had to stop and look.

Next to a stunning grove of majestic 300+ year old olive trees is a very inviting tasting room. And just to the right of the tasting room, carved into the hillside with two giant wooden doors, is the entrance is their Wine Cave hummmmm… very interesting. Oh yeah before I forget just beyond the cave there are the “Trees of Fire” willows that had grabbed our attention from the highway. This ranch is a photographers dream, and from what I hear it’s also a wine tasters dream too!