About Us

Into Imagery is a small video production company based in Mendocino California. I started the company in 2011 when we decided to combine my business and passion for photography, videography and travel together. My favorite ‘subject’ matter: beautiful places in California.


Living along the north coast of California we have long been intrigued by the natural beauty surrounding us. People who visit places such as this will spend hours luxuriating in the moment. These scenes mesmerize … the ocean, swaying trees, rushing water, clouds streaming past the mountains, snow falling, rivers flowing, waterfalls, flowers in your garden…the list is endless. ‘Being There’ video movies create a ‘window ‘ to this world and bring these ‘moments’ back to you.


‘Being There’ movies are a visual feast of subtle movement and natural real-time changes that transform your flat screen from the ‘big black void’ into an object of fine art in motion.


The real estate and promotional videos created by Into Imagery are natural offshoots of our art-videos. Specializing in large, upscale homes with views, property and wonderful detail Nat brings his abundant storytelling abilities to the shoot. The results are standout videos that present the uniqueness and personality of every home, event or business.