Mendocino College Graduation 2017

Working with the Mendocino College Foundation is always fun and rewarding…every time we create a video for them we are left with the sense of having done some good for the young people in our county. The mission of the Mendocino College Foundation is to cultivate, support and raise funds for the benefit of the students of Mendocino College and they work at this every day.
This video covers a small part of their 2017 Scholarship Awards Ceremony and we were thrilled to be a part of capturing this moment.

Mendocino College Graduation 2017 from Into Imagery on Vimeo.

Lafe Crick… At the Caspar Inn

November 27 2015 we filmed a live performance at the Caspar Inn in Caspar CA.

 “Lafe Crick” Our local Mendocino Coast Bluegrass ensemble. What a show, Lafe Cri­ck is Ryan Kroll on mandolin, guitar and vocals; Joey Goforth on banjo and vocals; Lee Rider on dobro and guitar; and Peter Temple on bass. Their music is limited only for dancers, cloggers, toe tappers, boot scooters and just plain old good music fans.  They do a mix
of traditional and progressive bluegrass, some jazz, blues, rock, swing
and original tunes.

Medley Lafe Crick 1 from Into Imagery on Vimeo.

Chocolate, Wine and Ale Festival

A beautiful Saturday afternoon fundraiser at the Mendocino Art Center, The ‘Chocolate, Wine and Ale Festival’ featuring top Chocolatiers, Wine Makers, and fine Ales.  Two  local  restaurants made an outstanding showing with their chocolate deserts and mussels cooked in dark ale… Oh my!  Among the crowd the MAC’s community partner events were making themselves known Winesong charity event and the Music Festival were both there to give us the heads up on purchasing tickets and volunteering… my wife and I are signing up for both… Filming local events is quite rewarding, I always seem to run into the nicest people.

The Day’s End at Noyo Harbor

Wow! Driving home from our Friday night date night with my lovely wife we we’re crossing the Noyo River bridge and looked out towards the ocean and what a sight. I had to capture and share. If you’ve never been to the lovely town of Fort Bragg California it is a trip well worth taking and for many reasons, this is just one of them.  We sure love living in Mendocino…

Taking to the Sky with INTO IMAGERY

At Into Imagery we are always looking for new and creative way of improving ourselves and our product. Aerial has been on the rise for a few years now and with this kind of equipment in the hands of not just anyone but in the hand of an artist with a vision Ahhh… now we’re talkin… We are now adding a different perspective to what once was beautiful and inviting let’s add breathtaking.

After searching for the right equipment, watching hundreds of videos we finally decided on a Phantom 2 Quadracopter by DSLR Pros; the result is a smooth and controlled flight with cinematic quality motion picture. Check it out….

A little bit of Spring

If you like wine and you’ve never been to Hopland, California, you might want to check out the beautiful countryside with it’s rolling hills, mountains and rivers that sculpt, paint, and texturize the views that surround you. On an amazing road trip that we took this spring, we stopped at Saracina Ranch because of the “Trees of fire”- at least that’s what we called them. From the highway, out of the corner of my eye, I could see what seemed to be trees on fire but it was just the brilliant colors of the branches of willow trees. I’ve learned that in fall when the tree drops its leaves the bare branches turn an illuminated color of orange that looks like fire… it is truly captivating. So we had to stop and look.

Next to a stunning grove of majestic 300+ year old olive trees is a very inviting tasting room. And just to the right of the tasting room, carved into the hillside with two giant wooden doors, is the entrance is their Wine Cave hummmmm… very interesting. Oh yeah before I forget just beyond the cave there are the “Trees of Fire” willows that had grabbed our attention from the highway. This ranch is a photographers dream, and from what I hear it’s also a wine tasters dream too!

What can I say…”Cow Bop”

Besides working, we do go out and play. We attended opening night at the North Coast Brewery’s “Jazz Club”in Fort Bragg, California.  There opening band was Bruce Forman and Cow Bop. What a performance! These guys are warm, inviting, funny, entertaining and amazingly talented.  They were like… Django Reinhardt blending with Hank Williams. If they come to your town don’t miss them. Here is a quick video I shot with my iphone… Enjoy!


Ocean with Attitude!

Nothing like starting the year with a Bang and Crash! The crashing of the waves that is… I could hear the wave crashing from my house 3 miles inland, and without hesitation I grabbed my wife, my dog and my camera and not necessarily in that order, and went out to nourish the senses with aquatic sights and sounds….